Quality Assurance

In order to assure the utmost quality to our customers, F&R has designed and implemented a quality assurance program. Ordering, receiving and checking material before it is used assures F&R of the material's quality.

In addition, F&R has developed a quality program for its workforce. The workforce is trained for superior performance. F&R's quality control department also takes care of in-process quality, and ensures all operations are carried out in accordance with approved and required codes, using F&R manuals and procedures as guide lines.

Final inspection is a part of our regulation to ensure "The job is done to meet and /or exceed customer’s requirements and expectations." Most of the work done at F&R, especially in cryogenic projects, requires pressure testing. These tests may be hydrostatic or pneumatic. F&R's written procedures comply with ASME nondestructive examinations code section V.

F&R's quality control manuals comply with ASME and DOT Codes:

  1. Quality control manual for manufacture and repair and alteration of pressures vessels and the inspection, testing and repair of cargo transport vessels.
  2. Quality control manual for construction of pressure vessels and pressure piping in accordance with ASME CODES, which have the seal of approval by Alberta Boiler Safety Association.
  3. F&R also has ten approved welding procedures for stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.
  4. F&R has two approved brazing procedures.

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ABSA Certification
ASME Certification
Motor Vehicle Authorization (National Safety Mark Number C57)
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